D & J's Pine Ridge Ranch

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Welcome to D & J's Pine Ridge Ranch

We're located just minutes from the village of Winchester in Ontario Canada.

We have been horse owners for over 30 years and discovered appaloosas about 10 years ago. It has since been our dream to be able to own and breed this wonderful, diverse breed of horse.  The very qualities the Nez Perce prized the Appaloosa for are what makes them the intelligent, hardy, magnificant breed they are today.  We strive to maintain the integrity of the breed and to share with as many people as we can the rich heritage of the appaloosa, which in itself contributes to the uniquness of the breed.

To own and form a bond with an appaloosa is truly a gift to be treasured like no other. 

Come On In, Meet our horses and discover the Appaloosa for yourself, but becareful - they're addictive! 


Services Offered

  • Quality Stock for sale
  • Stallion Services
  • Indoor / Outdoor Board
  • Hay for sale
  • Custom Round Baling
  • Supplier of 'Guardian Masks'

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